About me

My name is Christina
Living with my family and dogs in the southern part of Sweden.
The nearest town is Kristianstad (about 100 km from Malmö)

I have lived all my life, in a life with dogs.
2011 was the year I came in touch with the Chihuahua. The breed I wish I discovered long before.
After a day, with a warm and welcoming visit , to Kennel  Misty Meadows & Di San Gimignano and the home of Francesco and Tuula Cochetti I was for sure that this  lines from Italy , was the lines I wanted to build my kennel/breeding on.
This day gave me a lots of good information and not least inspiration from a breeder with a long experience and knowledge
At the same time We now also met a lots of very  beautiful chihuahua, with precisely the kind of chihuahua that I like.
I would like to say ; thank you to Francesco and Tuula . Who has been and still is, to me, a good mentor


                                                             My beloved family

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My completed  SKK breeder education